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The Collator II

The Collator II

Fingerprint Comparator Model FC-911

The Collator II is a high quality optical comparator for the side-by-side easy comparison of fingerprints from crime scenes with those from records or from a suspect. Other uses include the verification of signatures and the comparison of counterfeit documents with genuine ones. A large platen allow sheets up to A4 size to be rapidly inserted without interference and a spring loaded mechanism ensures that the images are always brought into sharp focus.

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The Collator II Specification

Dual lens optical system with individual focus and brightness control for each side. Matt screen for the highlighting of recognition points with markers.

Magnification: 6.75X
Light source: 2 x 75 watt halogen lamps each side with heat filters to protect the examination area
Controls: Each side individually switched and with individual lamp intensity controls
Screen size: 275 x 275 each side with no image overlap
Cooling: Low noise fans each side
Document size: Size: A4 x 12mm height
Power:  240, 230 or 115 volts a.c. 350 watts max.
Power inlet: Fused IEC type C14
Size: 560(w) x 300(d) x 563(h)
Weight: 23kg