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For document examination at the Front Line

The Checkpoint-D is a robust and cost effective solution for the examination of passports and visas in air and seaports, for authenticating carnets and bills of lading at customs posts and for a first examination of suspicious documents at police posts.

The small size allows easy fitting to Immigration and Customs Control Desks and it is unobtrusive in banking institutions where personal and financial documents need authenticating.

The Checkpoint-D contains all the necessary light sources to check most current document security safeguards and to highlight many modes of fraudulent alteration.


Light Sources  
Overhead Incident White: a 9 watt cool white compact lamp (re-order code WL-900)
Overhead Ultraviolet: 2 x compact 9 watt UV Lamps (re-order code UVA-900)
Transmission White: 2 x 9 watt compact lamps behind a diffusing window (re-order code WL-900)
Oblique: 1 x 20 watt halogen lamp mounted at the rear (re-order code EO1017)
Coaxial: 1 x 20 watt halogen lamp (re-order code EO1017)


Magnification: a 75mm circular magnifier which can traverse the front window
3x, with a localised area 6x.
+ 10x Stand Loupe with an integral scale
Storage: a small pouch is supplied to house the stand loupe
Safety: the front window provides complete protection by blocking all ultraviolet radiation.
Size: 30cm (width) x 25cm (depth) x 22cm (height)


Power: 115, 230 or 240 Volts A.C. 50/60 Hz, 100VA
Handle: Convenient carrying handle – can be easily removed if required