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Portable forgery detection system

The PD-350 is a compact and versatile Forgery Detection System for the inspection of all types of security documents where mains power is unavailable or intermittent.

With up to six light sources most current document security features can be checked and verified. Counterfeits and forgeries can be detected without damaging the document, and with a variety of additional tools, the PD-350 is a powerful weapon against document fraud.

Light sources include longwave ultraviolet for fluorescent security safeguards and alterations, transmitted light for watermarks and other transmissive security safeguards, oblique for indented writing and dry stamps, Incident where ambient lighting is poor and retroreflective for laminate security safeguards.

Download PD-350 Brochure (PDF)

PD-350 Features

  • Rechargeable 7Ah NiMH Batteries
  • Fast Charge
  • Battery Charge Indicators
  • Rugged Carrying Case
  • Six Light Sources
  • Sleep timer
  • Lightweight
  • Unobstructed Working Area
  • Built in Battery Charger
  • External DC operation
  • Vehicle operation
  • Electronic Lamp Switching