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ForenPix Software

ForenPix Software

Powerful software for image acquisition and processing

ACO Electronics can now offer the ForenPix software from Fovea S.A.R.L. for image capture and comparison:

ForenPix® is a powerful software tool with many applications for the acquisition and processing of images from our QDX Document Examination Systems, either in monochrome or colour.

Running under Windows™ operation system, images can be displayed in wide format in live acquisition without the need for a special graphic controller.

Particularly well suited to the examination of documents, the ForenPix package can be used for the comparison of document images by juxtaposition, strobing or superimposition. In addition images may be enhanced by controlled integration, contrast and brightness adjustment, as well as by a range of filter functions. Review the full specification below to see just how powerful a tool ForenPix is in Document Examination.

ForenPix may also be used in many other applications such as in ballistic comparison or by hooking up to a simple microscope it is possible to create a cost effective but powerful comparison microscope.

Forenpix is available in English, French and Spanish and for a more images of what is possible go to

Main software functions:

General purpose functions

  • image acquisition, PAL, NTSC, monochromatic or colour,  contrast enhancement by image integration,
  • image transfer to other Windows™ applications, copy/paste through the clipboard
  • hard disk operations, store and load, BMP and JPEG formats
  • contrast and brightness measurements, luminance profile, histogram + more
  • geometric measurements within the image ,distances, areas, angles + more
  • geometric operations, mirror, zoom, rotation, selective colour image shift may be applied to static or dynamic images either in .still image or in continuous acquisition

Special forensic functions

  • enhancement of weakly contrasted images, edge extraction (including in live acquisition), grain filtering + more
  • comparison of images by juxtaposition, alternation, inclusion, superimposition in two different colours, one image live, the other one stored. Compared images may be displayed normally or by their outlines (real-time edge extraction),
  • trichromatic image reconstruction by combining three monochrome images,
  • Software options :
  • FX-01: multi-directional revelation of reliefs (indented writing, dry stamps, embossing, logos),

    FX-02: combination of multi-spectral images (ink cancellation, selection of pigments, reading of overwritten texts, fingerprint extraction from background,).

    FX-03: software module aimed at decoding hidden information in images (IPI).

Image capture card
Live image acquisition requires a video card (FG-41, PCI bus), or an external video converter with USB-2 connection (IMD-55).
Video formats: PAL, NTSC, monochrome or colour (composite, Y/C or S-video), 768x576 pixels (US format available).