ACO Electronics Limited
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Search Equipment

To combat the ever increasing problems of smuggling either for financial gain or in relation to terrorist activities, we can offer a variety of state-of-art solutions to detect drugs, explosives and other hidden illicit cargos.

We have a close relationship with SAS R&D Inc. (SASRAD) in the USA who are the world leader in hand held contraband detection and search technology equipment, and we can offer these products to the UK and overseas markets. To further enhance the service we offer our customers who embrace this technology, we can now manufacture some of these products under licence in the U.K.

We are also the western European authorised repair and maintenance centre for SASRAD Xpose Density Meters, Fiberscopes and other products. As an authorised repair & maintenance centre we have the capability to maintain SASRAD equipment, diagnose and identify problems and in many cases, make repairs locally, rather than shipping equipment back to the United States.
SAS R&D Services Inc. validates and certifies our organization's level of technical expertise to maintain and service their products and to keep them functioning to the original specification.