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Contraband Detection Enforcement Kit - Basic Kit Contents

1 Xpose Miniature Density meter with graphical & digital display Complete and ready for operation with holster and headset
2 Ultimate LED One piece field repairable fiberscope "everything-in-the-handle", 6mm Diameter, Fuel Proof Flexible Probe, articulating tip, built in light source & battery, choice of Tungsten Braid or Non-Conductive (to be specified at time of ordering).may be charged from vehicle power outlet. 4 Hours Battery Life with, direct camera mount adapter (no 'C' mount adapter required.) specify fiberscope requirements by part number of kit
3 RS-7 Laser measuring device for measuring inside dimension of trailers without removing freight Range up to 30m accuracy +/ -3mm
4 SA-2710 Lightweight two sided acrylic mirror with extending pole - 7.60cm round convex mirror on one side and a flat mirror on the other. Extends from 20cm to 94cm
5 PIP 3 Miniature Pocket Inspection probe with one spare needle.
6 PR 8 Expandable steel inspection probe set 9.5mm diameter, stainless steel and 4 sections join to make 1 meter long probe - multiple units may be joined together for additional lengths
  Digital camera with recorder & viewer for evidence collection (Not shown above)
7 Accessory package: Window/upholstery wedge - Gas Tank Inserter - rubber eyecup (Not shown above), spare battery, wall charger, vehicle charger with grounding wire (not required for Non-Conductive scopes)
8 MTS-74 Multi Tool set 14 pc Multi Wrench set with interchangeable bits and hex sockets
  "Stay-put shaft" for protection when fiberscope transported or stored and used when making inspections upwards or around objects. Protects probe when used in rough environments (Not shown above)
9 Not now in the kit
10 Single wire repair kit complete with required tools and Instruction DVD in English
11 Accessory carry bag w/drawstring
  Accessory box for small items (Not shown above)
12 Headlamp Illuminator SA-04
13 Instruction Manual / Instruction DVD in English
14 Rugged CARRYING CASE for all of above with extending handle and wheels, locking hasps and pressure relief valve.