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Contraband Detection Enforcement Kit (CEK)

Contraband Detection Enforcement Kit (CEK)

The CEK® Kit designed by acknowledged experts, comprises a set of specialist tools and search instruments packed in a rugged transport and storage case ready for instant use in the field by Police, Customs, Border Patrol and other law enforcement agencies. The items in the kit aid in the search for concealed contraband in confined spaces, whether vehicular, marine, aviation or cargo – this equipment will find drugs, weapons, currency, ammunition, WMD and also radioactive materials being illegally transported.

Incorporating the latest in technological advances the tools in this kit are specifically designed to be easy to use and give clear answers to the officer conducting the search.

It is important that the user of this equipment be trained in the use of each component, therefore as well as detailed paper manuals the kit contains DVDs which show how to use items in the kit. Training requirements are minimal, but if required, training programs are also available.

In order to allow maximum flexibility these kits have various options which may be selected by the users to best serve their operational requirements.

Basic kits contents
Enhanced Kits Contents and Ordering Codes


  • Available with or without the XPOSE® density meter
  • Available in basic or enhanced version with additional tools
  • Kits are upgradeable at any time by adding the additional items when required.
  • Ultimate® Fiberscopes are available in various lengths with choice of 2 or 4 way articulation
  • Choice of Tungsten Braid or Non-conductive covering on fiberscope probes
  • All items in the kits are available separately if required