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Xpose Miniature Contraband Detector

Xpose Miniature Contraband Detector

The Xpose contraband detector is a compact, lightweight, rugged, handheld density meter designed to aid law enforcement officials with the detection of hidden objects.

Frequently, contraband is covertly hidden in inaccessible areas, such as walls, tires, bulkheads, etc., where direct observation is not possible. Xpose gives an indication of contraband concealed in these locations. It works by measuring changes in density across the target area; unexpected changes indicate the presence of hidden objects or compartments.

The ruggedized Xpose unit has been designed with an ergonomic grip, anti-scratch detection surface, integrated safety wrist strap and a large, easy-to-read illuminated graphical display. Readout options include a wireless remote display for ease of use in tight inspection locations and a USB port for connection with a computer.

Twenty percent lighter than other contraband detectors, designed for ambidextrous operation the Xpose has two main modes of operation – Survey, for indication of radiation sources in the vicinity, and Inspect, for contraband detection.

Survey Mode

In survey mode, Xpose acts as a radiation survey meter to locate sources of radioactive material, providing real-time, local radiation rate and count; results are shown in graphical and numerical format.

Inspect Mode

In inspect mode, Xpose acts a density meter to locate contraband.  A large CsI (TI) detector makes for faster scanning, improved penetration, and quicker indication of “hits” triggered by an abrupt change in density. The operator can select to display readings in graphical or numerical format with or without alarm, and with an option to display the current reading with background zeroed out.


Xpose uses a common, built-in calibration block that enables universal calibration across similar Xpose Contraband Detector models. After calibration, all units will read +/- 2 percent of each other. The calibration automatically compensates for decay of the source and aging of internal components; the calibration routine runs in under 30 seconds.

Xpose Miniature Contraband Detector Specification


155 x 80 x 45 mm


865 g


400 x240 LCD video graphic display
Pushbutton back panel light
Low battery indicator


(2) AA alkaline batteries. Up to 40 hours of continuous operation or up to six months of stand-by

Operational modes

A) Survey: observes environment giving indication of radiation sources in the vicinity
B) Inspect: probes surface and provides user with indication of anomalous changes in density
C) Calibration
D) Built-in-test


Barium 133, exempt quantity (not exceeding 10 microcuries, 370 kBq)

Source Shield

Tungsten alloy with spring-loaded shutter to ensure failure in the closed position. There is an indicator of the source position to notify user when source is open.


Thallium-activated Caesium Iodide CsI (Tl)

Depth of Reading

150 mm


60 dB, 2.4 kHz, 0.5 sec. audible alert. Auto-adjusts the alarm trip point to 1 standard deviation
+1 count using 50 dB pulses of 0.50 second deviations

Scan Rate

0.25 seconds per reading


-20 to +55C

Display Window

Tough Corning “Gorilla Glass”, scratch resistance and shatter proof


Holster, wrist strap,
3.5 mm stereo headset
USB cable - Software DVD
Manual - Instruction/training DVD
Extension arms (optional)
Remote graphical / digital display (optional)
Other accessories in development