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Dual Function Document Viewer

A dual function Document Examination System which is identical to the Detectadoc-L, but is fitted with a single Longwave compact ultraviolet lamp for identifying UV security safeguards and a single 9 watt white lamp mounted behind a diffusing window for the examination of transmissive security features.

Download UV Lamps & Magnifier+ Brochure (PDF)

Detectadoc-C Specification

Size: 265mm (width) x 170mm (depth) x 145mm (height)
Weight: 2.5Kg
Power: 115, 230 or 240 volts ac 50/60Hz
Switches: Two miniature rocker switches control power to each lamp circuit

1 x 9 watt compact UV Longwave tube (re-order code UVA-900)
1 x 9 watt compact Cool White Lamp (re-order code WL-900)