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Under shelf ultraviolet document viewer.

Where space is at a premium at Immigration Control points, the UV-1140CD can be fitted under a shelf, thus freeing up desk space. Fitted with the same compact longwave UV tube as the UV-1140C, the UV-1140CD also has a powerful LED light for the checking of transmissive security features and for highlighting indented writing.

The UV-1140CD has two parts, a housing which is screwed to the underside of a desk or shelf and the lamp unit which can be removed from the housing for quick and easy lamp change. The LED light is fitted with a collimating lens system to produce a powerful narrow beam with its’ position adjustable to suit individual users. An eye protection window prevents the user viewing the UV lamp directly and a flat magnifier is mounted on this window for close-up inspection.

Download UV Lamps & Magnifier+ Brochure (PDF)

UV-1140C Specification

Size: 235mm (width) x 150mm (depth, excluding LED spout) x 65mm (height)
Weight: 2.0Kg
Lamps: 1 x 9 watt UV tube (re-order code UVA-900) + 1 x high efficiency 1 watt white LED
Power: 110, 230 or 240 volts ac, 50/60Hz