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Transportable Document Viewer

A DC version of the UV-1140C for use in vehicles or in remote areas where mains power is not available. The UV-1140CDC is identical to the UV-1140C except that it is powered from a 12 volt DC source, such as a battery or vehicle cigarette lighter socket and has a carrying handle. As with the UV-1140C a stainless steel reflector maximises the UV light on the document and the shrouded design excludes overhead ambient light. The reflector is cut away at the rear to allow large documents to be examined without turning, and an eye protection window prevents the UV lamp being viewed directly. Applications include identity and travel document checking at remote border crossings or during field operations.

Download UV Lamps & Magnifier+ Brochure (PDF)

UV-1140CDC Specification

Size: 220mm (width) x 180mm (depth) x 125mm (height)
Weight: 1.8Kg
Power: 12 volts DC at 1 amp, 2.1mm input jack plug
Lamps: 1 x 9 watt compact UV tube (re-order code UVA-900S)
Leads Supplied:

2 metre 2.1mm female jack to cigarette lighter plug
2 metre 2.1mm female jack to battery clips



Mains power supply:

Input 100 to 240 volts ac
Output 12 volt DC at 1 amp with fixed 2.1mm female jack

Carrying Case: Robust thermoplastic carrying case with padded interior