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Wall Mounted Document Viewer

With the same specification as the UV-1140C, but with flanges for mounting on a wall, the UV-1140CW has been designed for situations where it is not possible to use a desk mounted document viewer. These maybe at entrance gates or doors of prisons or other security establishments where a rapid check of passes or stamps is required. Likewise the UV-1140CW may be used in nightclubs and entertainment parks where re-entry stamps need to be quickly checked.

Download UV Lamps & Magnifier+ Brochure (PDF)

UV-1140CW Specification

Size: 220mm (width) x 160mm (depth) x 105mm (height)
Mounting Flange projection: 10mm each side, with 3.5mm diameter mounting hole
Weight: 2.0Kg
Power: 115, 230 or 240 volts ac, 50/60Hz
Lamps: 1 x 9 watt compact UV tube (re-order code UVA-900)