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Low cost hand held UV lamp

A convenient hand-held 4 watt UV lamp with a white torch. The UV-500 is very useful for field checks of documents, identifying marked property and for checking the authenticity of currency. In addition to the normal checks of security safeguards with the UV lamp, the white torch light can be used to check transmissive security safeguards such as watermarks and security threads.

Download UV Lamps & Magnifier+ Brochure (PDF)

UV-500 Specification

Size: 160mm (length) x 56mm (depth) x 24mm (width)
Weight: 91 grams without batteries
Batteries: 4 x AA size (not supplied)

1 x 4 watt UV tube (re-order code UVA-400)
1 x 5.5 volt, 0.3 amp white lamp (re-order code WL-55)