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The Checkpoint-D and Checkpoint-DH are robust and cost-effective solutions for the examination of passports and visas in air and seaports, for authenticating carnets and bills of lading at customs posts and for a first examination of suspicious documents at police posts.

Their small size allows easy fitting to Immigration and Customs Control Desks and they are unobtrusive in banking institutions where personal and financial documents need authenticating.

The Checkpoint-D contains all the necessary light sources to check most current document security safeguards and to highlight many modes of fraudulent alteration and the Checkpoint-DH has an additional Ultraviolet Light source for highlighting additional  security safeguards.

Download Checkpoint-D & DH Brochure (PDF)

Checkpoint-D checkpoint-d
Checkpoint-DH checkpoint-dh
  • Robust all metal construction
  • Five independent light sources
  • Built in magnifier 
  • Compact 
  • Safe UV working
  • Cost-effective
  • 10 X Loupe 
  • Shortwave UV Lamp (Checkpoint-DH only)
  • Eye protection window