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The FD-02 used by the OSCE to train Ukrainian Border Control Officers

In our continuing cooperation with international organisations that are involved in immigration issues, we have supplied the OSCE (Organisation for Security and Cooperation in Europe) with a significant number of our FD-02 Forgery Detection Kits for use in an advanced training course in Kiev for Ukrainian Border Control Officers.

To see the recent press release from OSCE regarding this course follow this link:

The FD-02 forgery detection kit contains all the necessary tools for rapid document verification and the detection of fraudulent documents in front line areas such as at airports, on borders or on mobile patrols. All tools are housed in a soft nylon-carrying bag with a shoulder strap and are protected from damage by a deep foam lining, and a comprehensive manual enables the user to become quickly familiar with the kit contents, as well as giving useful guidance on how to carry out simple document checks.

The FD-02 is principally targeted at immigration personnel tasked with passport and identity card examination, but will be also be useful for airline security personnel who need check for forged documents at departure gates or at airline steps where mains power is  unavailable.

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