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3M Retroviewer

3M Retroviewer

Hand-held viewer for verifying security laminates

This is a hand-held viewer for verifying a security laminate called Confirm™ manufactured by the U.S.A. Company 3M. This laminate is found on many passports, identity cards and driving licences to deter tampering, such as photograph substitution and altering of personal details.

The Confirm™ laminate has an embedded hidden image which can only be seen with the special viewer, and any damage caused by photographic substitution or attempts to lift the laminate will be readily seen with the special viewer.

Download UV Lamps & Magnifier+ Brochure (PDF)

3M Retroviewer Specification

Batteries: 2 x AA size (normally supplied)
Size: 105mm (length x 51mm (width) x 18mm (depth)
Weight: 24 grams excluding batteries
Lamp: 2.5 volt, 0.27amp (re-order code WL-25)